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Does Joos Cosmetica test on animals?
Hell no. Thank you for coming to our TED talk.

What is a Joos Drop made of?
Konjac! Which is a 100% natural ingredient, made primarily of glucomannam fibres. They contain no harmful chemicals synthetic colours or preservatives.
Each Drop contains:
Naked - Konjac
Charcoal - Konjac, charcoal powder
Mint - Konjac, wild mint extract, blue clay
Citrus - Konjac, yuzu (Japanese citrus) extract, yellow clay, rose clay
White Peach - Konjac, white peach leaf extract, pink clay
Pearl - Konjac, akoya pearl powder

How do I use it?
You use your Drop like a sponge, except on your face. 

So first up - you need to get it wet. It will arrive dry & hard so you just need to soak it to make it soft and spongey. Do not add any other products to your Drop, just simply use the sponge and the water to cleanse your face using circular motions. Once your face feels fresh and clean, rinse your Drop thoroughly using just water, and hang it to dry in a well ventilated area. Simples!
Your Drop will last 1 month if you treat it right.

Does each different Drop have a distinct smell?
They do not. The added ingredients are the Kelly & Michelle to our face cleansing equivalent of Beyoncé - Konjac. In other words, the extracts aren't there to over power, just assist. 

Where are Joos Drops made?
Where they came from - Japan! We spent A LOT of time trying to find a team to make these balls of awesomeness just right, so we went to the source. Our Japanese team handmake each Drop, with 80% of the process actually taking place outside - using sunlight to whiten & the natural winds to dry.

Is your packaging environmentally friendly?
You bet your sweet bippy it is. Our Drop bags are made from sustainable bamboo, our boxes are recycled and recyclable & our mailing bags are even made from cornstarch which means you can thrown them on your compost bin. 

Um, guys? My skin is behaving like a hormonal teenager right now.
Actually not that uncommon. When switching skincare products, especially to natural ones, your skin can go through a period of detox (skin-tox?) which can look like acne or breakouts & maybe some dry patches. But if you think your skin is going through something more than an average skin-tox (we're owning it), or you're just unhappy with your products, we'd love to chat: